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The date is set for Monday, April 30th, to repair the artificial channel on Black Jack Peninsula of the Aransas Wildlife Refuge.

Seth Gambill of Naismith Marine said, "The site plan is ready and we have been waiting on the Whooping Cranes to leave and for the Spring Tide for high water."  Naismith Marine has donated it's time and materials to do the preliminary field work, prepare the site plan, obtain the required permits and will oversee the project!

FlatsWorthy has been asked to provide volunteers for the project and will help cover the cost for the equipment and materials. The "project" calls for closing the Aransas Bay end of the artificial channel by building a "shell-hash" berm. There will be quite a bit of physical labor involved, bagging the shell-hash and hauling the bags to the site and placing them, so volunteers need to be in fair physical condition.


 16 people (8 at the bagging site & 8 at the project site)
 4 bay boats w/operators (boats should be 20'+) for hauling bags & people
 4 airboats w/operators to shuttle people and materials to site

    Chuck Naiser 361-230 9392
    Billy Trimble 361-205 1266
    Travis Glidden 361-649 1216
    Kelly Herzog
    David Hayward 713-204 1855
    Swan Point Landing 361-729 7926

Volunteers will be notified about where and when to meet for the work day. Looking forward to getting this project completed and many thanks to all the time and effort that has been put into getting the project to this point!!

I will be coordinating this effort if you have any questions.
Billy Trimble, VP FlatsWorthy Inc.
361-205 1266


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