The FlatsWorthy movement, spearheaded by a noble group of anglers, began with an ambitious goal to promote boating courtesy among all who enjoy our shallow bays.  No one argued against the premise that fishing should be a relaxing escape rather than a contentious battle among angling factions.  The core founders and followers of FlatsWorthy are guides, paddlers, airboaters, fly-fishermen, wade anglers, along with those who drift-fish or enjoy poling the flats. FlatsWorthy was established as a diverse coalition of anglers with mutual respect engaging in a conversation to reverse a childish trend of inconsiderate behavior.  And then came Hurricane Harvey, putting the movement on pause.  Read more>>>


Our Code


 Be considerate toward the space, time and efforts of fellow anglers.

Know before you go — look for other anglers before entering a fishing area.

Don’t needlessly take shortcuts across flats, run the shorelines, or disturb fishing grounds


Reduce your footprint to share the resource equitably.

Avoid damaging natural resources and fish habitat.

Support habitat restoration projects.


Know and obey fishing and boating regulations.

Report fish, game or boating law violations you encounter.

Participate in opportunities for public comment on proposals for new and revised regulations.

FlatsWorthy is the leader in promoting respect for our fellow Texas bay users, respect for the resource and respect for the law among a diverse community with the goal of improving the health and productivity of Texas bays now and for the future.

Our History

FlatsWorthy, Inc., was formed in 2015 in Aransas County, Texas. While the focus has been in this coastal area, the reach of FlatsWorthy, Inc., has been statewide. Originally focused on on-the-water etiquette, FlatsWorthy sought to form partnerships with local anglers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hurricane Harvey disrupted the forward momentum of FlatsWorthy in 2017. It highlighted the need to protect the fragile resources left in the wake of such a monumental environmental event. It also brought forward the need for a combined effort between the lay outdoorsman, governmental agencies, and educational and non-profit organizations.

FlatsWorthy refocused their efforts and began talking to anglers and stakeholders. A series of videos were produced on the importance of boating etiquette and respecting the resource. These videos have been shared widely among a variety of organizations and institutions.

Recognizing the problems facing the coast require long-term solutions, FlatsWorthy partnered with the local AgriLife Extension 4-H club to help them promote their sportfishing program, with an eye towards instilling a sense of respect for the resource in future generations.

Out of this partnership arose a robust, student-centered focus, which includes sponsorship of the annual Kids Fishing Day (which reaches 4-H students in multiple counties), 2 college scholarships awarded annually, and student representatives on the FlatsWorthy Core Group.

Our environmental efforts are just getting started, and we have big plans for the future restoration of the bays we care for so deeply. Through respect for the resource and respect for each other it is our greatest hope we will be able to maintain the integrity of our coastal habitats and help to restore what has already been altered. We want to leave this place better than we found it.


historic Campaign

In 2022, FlatsWorthy helped spearhead a historic campaign to save the oyster reefs in Mesquite Bay from over harvest. Joined by Texas CCA and many other institutions and foundations, FlatsWorthy won this fight for our resource. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issued a proclamation on November 3rd, 2022, establishing Mesquite Bay as a sanctuary from commercial oyster harvest.

Currently, FlatsWorthy is working hard to help establish a thriving Mariculture Industry in Texas by hosting informational meetings. Once again bringing together stakeholders and governmental entities, FlatsWorthy is leading the way in finding common solutions for long-term concerns.


Our Mission Statement

FlatsWorthy, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, is a coalition of diverse anglers practicing mutual respect while sharing the same resource. We accomplish our mission through public awareness and education, participation in habitat restoration, and involvement with state and federal agencies in resource protection.

FlatsWorthy, Inc., was formed in 2015 in Aransas County, Texas. While the focus has been in this coastal area, the reach of FlatsWorthy, Inc., has been statewide. The Advisory Board consists of members from around the State of Texas who represent academics, state agencies, and successful men and women engaged in enterprise.

The Code of Angler Respect (COAR) is the guiding document of FlatsWorthy, Inc. The 3 tenets are: Respect Fellow Anglers, Respect the Resource, and Respect the Law.

FlatsWorthy, Inc., volunteers represent countless years of experience dealing with coastal issues. With the help of our members, we have participated in habitat restoration projects on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. These volunteer opportunities build a greater sense of stewardship.

Our educational efforts have created a robust public dialogue, bringing different opinions together to settle issues through self-regulation. The involvement with state agencies in this dialogue has promoted an appreciation for the important role these agencies play in working together toward a common goal.

We recognize what happens now will have lasting effects in the future. FlatsWorthy, Inc. welcomes new challenges and opportunities to serve and make this a better place than it was going to be.