Captain Brent Tucker Interview

Captain Brent Tucker Interview

FlatsWorthy had a brief chat with Captain Brent Tucker on Curlew Day. 

FW: I’m here with Captain Brent Tucker. Can you tell us what is you position with the Texas Parks and Wildlife?

BT: I’m the Captain over this district which includes Aransas, Refugio, Bee, and Goliad Counties.

FW: How did you get started in this area?

BT: I was actually a Game Warden up in the Panhandle for 10 years. Then promoted to Captain here. I’ve been coming to this area for 25, so I applied for the position when it opened up.

FW: How did you first become aware of FlatsWorthy?

BT:  Through some of the public meetings after I got here on fisheries, public meetings for all user groups to get together. That’s where I first met Chuck (Naiser).

FW: So were are here for the Curlew handoff today. How important do feel this Curlew will be to your mission?

BT: It’s an awesome tool. I was very impressed six months ago when I first got on a Curlew and saw how it could handle and operate. Three years ago at one of the public meetings we were talking about how we could get into some of the flats and at the time it was either walk or use an airboat. When this option came up I was very impressed. It allows us to get into areas where we don’t have to disturb by noise. We can get in there without people knowing we’re coming. I think it’s going to be a great tool, a great asset.

FW:  Any final words?

BT:  It’s a great opportunity, a great partnership with FlatsWorthy and Parks and Wildlife. I’m honored to be a part of that. I’m so thankful for FlatsWorthy and the conservation efforts by everyone. It’s about respect. We just have to respect each other and work towards the same goals. That’s what we’re here today doing.

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