Be Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem

Be Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem Do you want to feel better about yourself?! Think back to your childhood when your parents, teachers, pastors or others taught you the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The FlatsWorthy mission has been, from it’s very beginning, all about just that. RESPECT others, RESPECT the resource, and RESPECT the law. RESPECT OTHER ANGLERS: When we are on the bay, it is inevitable we encounter situations which require us to make decisions about whether or not to encroach on another anglers space. How would you feel if you were in a “spot” and another boat pulled in on you? That should be your guiding thought: give others the room you would want for yourself (see Golden Rule).  It doesn’t matter what vessel you are in or what vessel or method of fishing they are doing, give them the room you would like to have for yourself. None of us are perfect and we have all made mistakes, either accidentally or intentionally. Reflect on those moments and consider what you could have done differently to not have a negative impact on a fellow angler. I assure you, when someone sees you approaching them and then sees you turn and head a different direction, they will appreciate what you have done for them. Making good decisions and not encroaching on others space will not only improve their day, thereby making you feel a little better about yourself, but will also show that person what it means to show respect. Teach others by setting a GOOD example. RESPECT THE RESOURCE: I hear time and again, “you don’t own this bay.” Well, in fact, I do own this bay system, as do you. It is damn high time we start acting like we own it and start treating it like we own it, not like some kind of damn trespassers. Take ownership of this resource, treat it like it was you back yard, because it is your backyard. If you do not take ownership and start treating the resource with respect, what are you teaching others? These shorelines, sea grasses, shore birds and fish (of all stripes) do not have a voice. You are their voice and you teach others, those on your vessel, and those observing you operate you vessel, how to respect the resource. BE A GOOD STEWARD! Here are few suggestions on how to be a better steward (owner): 1) Don’t take shortcuts; your shortcut is someone else’s fishing spot and a critical habitat for fish and birds. 2) Don’t burn shorelines; these shorelines are the bed rock of this ecosystem and by running near them you weaken them and make them more vulnerable to catastrophic events such as hurricanes. Plus, and not a small plus, they are fish and bird habitat that you are burning which means you are upsetting the natural feeding patterns of those fish and birds. DON’T BURN SHORELINES!! 3) Educate yourself about this ecosystem; it is fascinating. Learn all you can about the flora and fauna of the bay system and you will have more respect for it and those creatures that inhabit it. In fact, we are not the first humans who have used this bay system, humans have inhabited this bay system for thousands of years. The evidence of that can be found through out the bay system for those who take the time to observe and appreciate the archeological features that are scattered throughout the bay system. RESPECT THE LAW: Duh. In summary, I am reminded of a bourbon soaked conversation I had with my dear friend Scott Somerlatte. Scott made the statement to me that “the hardest thing to not be is a hypocrite.” As I leave the harbor each morning on my way to the fishing grounds I recite those words to myself ( I am not bullshitting here, that is my routine). As I have stated, none of us are perfect, but there are no barriers to stop us from striving for perfection. You and only you can be the one that takes responsibility for your actions. BE A GOOD EXAMPLE TO OTHERS. BE A GOOD STEWARD TO THE RESOURCE. I will see you on the water, Capt. Billy Trimble

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