FlatsWorthy Education

FlatsWorthy, Inc. educates anglers and the public on responsible fishing and environmental conservation. We achieve this through our The Code of Angler Respect (COAR) values, constructive dialogue, habitat restoration efforts, agency partnerships, and educational outreach, promoting responsible angling and a sustainable coastal future. Our collective efforts help safeguard precious coastal ecosystems and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty of our natural resources.

FlatsWorthy Etiquette

Boat Ramp Etiquette

FlatsWorthy excels in resource etiquette, ensuring smooth boat launching for all users. Tips for a better experience: Arrive prepared, share the area, avoid ramp blockage, dim lights in the early morning, be prompt, and clear quickly upon arrival and departure.

Burning the shoreline

The first in a series of videos dealing with on the water etiquette. This provides tips for how we can equitably share the resource, now and in the future. There are more and more of us on the water; we need to be aware of our effect on other anglers.

Protecting the Resource

Join Chuck Naiser, FlatsWorthy President, to explore our mission in preserving vital Texas Coastal Bend resources. We lead in fostering respect among bay users, for the resource, and the law, aiming to enhance Texas bays’ health and productivity for generations.

Youth Education

FlatsWorthy is committed to youth education, offering free memberships to students and partnering with the AgriLife Extension 4-H club to promote responsible fishing and environmental respect among young Texans. Our efforts include sponsoring events like Kids Fishing Day, awarding college scholarships, and involving student representatives in our core group. Our goal is to instill a sense of stewardship in the next generation, ensuring the sustainability of our Texas Bays and following our principles of respecting fellow anglers, the resource, and the law.

Our Code

One of our primary goals at FlatsWorthy is to help students with ideas to further the sustainability of our Texas Bays.


Respect Fellow Anglers

 Be considerate toward the space, time and efforts of fellow anglers.

Know before you go — look for other anglers before entering a fishing area.

Don’t needlessly take shortcuts across flats, run the shorelines, or disturb fishing grounds

Respect the Resource

Reduce your footprint to share the resource equitably.

Avoid damaging natural resources and fish habitat.

Support habitat restoration projects.

Respect the Law

Know and obey fishing and boating regulations.

Report fish, game or boating law violations you encounter.

Participate in opportunities for public comment on proposals for new and revised regulations.

Join Us!

One of our key missions at FlatsWorthy is to empower young students with innovative ideas to enhance the sustainability of our beloved Texas Bays.


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