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The FlatsWorthy Chronicles

The informative article from Capt Chuck Naiser details what led to the creation of FlatsWorthy and where we are headed

Texas Parks & Wildlife Poll

We are excited to be partnering with Texas Parks and Wildlife. Please take some time to answer and comment on their Facebook poll. They are interested in hearing from you…
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Donation Received

We received funding in the amount of $15,000 from the Ruth Parr Sparks Foundation. This will be used for the production of a video chronicling the importance of selected vegetation…
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Slingin’ Flies

Come join us at Gruene Outfitters for the 30th Anniversary of Slingin’ Ties. Congratulations to our friends and appreciate your support. See you there!!!

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Big Day in Port A

Big day in Port Aransas last Wednesday. We took a grant from Patagonia ($5,000.00) and a check for $889.00 from memorials honoring Chip Pitcarin that FlatsWorthy received and presented to…
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