FlatsWorthy Offers Free Student Memberships

FlatsWorthy Offers Free Student Memberships

FlatsWorthy has always been supportive of the youth who are enthusiastic users of the resource. To support the growth and spread of etiquette in the next generation, FlatsWorthy is excited to announce free memberships for any student, Kindergarten through College.

Dean Thomas and Megan Glidden have volunteered to take the lead on this exciting new chapter of FlatsWorthy. You can read the interview with Dean Thomas where he talks about the heart he has for working with children. Megan has been a supporter of FlatsWorthy as well as working with youth in the 4-H program as part of her work with the Texas A&M AgriLife Office.

We hope you will encourage the students in your circle to join with this special Student Membership. The youth of today are going to be the leaders in etiquette.


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  1. Fred Keeler says:

    Great idea! Get the youngsters involved with the appropriate do’s and don’ts of being on the water.

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