La Mosca Invitational Fly Fishing Tournament Held

La Mosca Invitational Fly Fishing Tournament Held

la mosca

South Texas Sportsmen Matt Wolthoff and Whit Jones with the support of FlatsWorthy Advisory Board member Josh Fields spearheaded the La Mosca Invitational Fly-Fishing Tournament in the Lower Laguna Madre. 

La Mosca is Spanish for The Fly. These men, with the support of their wives, organized the tournament to demonstrate there are options to the standard “catch and kill” tournaments that are so prolific – and in many cases so wasteful. Their efforts were rewarded by the fact that out of 25 potential slots, 24 teams participated. This is a great accomplishment for their initial  effort.

The venue was fabulous with a wonderful dinner and FlatsWorthy was able to bring forward a bit of our narrative. FlatsWorthy President Chuck Naiser had the opportunity to visit with key players in the Valley fishing scene who are onboard with the FlatsWorthy mission.

The silent auction and tournament fees netted $8,000.00 for FlatsWorthy. These funds will be invested in the effort to create and publicize an organization to deal with the Lower Laguna Madre’s specific problems in the same way FlatsWorthy is currently attempting to reconcile issues in our area. Matt, Whit and Josh have all targeted early 2021 for a return trip to organize a FlatsWorthy chapter for the Lower Laguna Madre.


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  1. Lester Conley says:

    I wish I’d known of this tourney?

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