Major Ellis Powell Interview

Major Ellis Powell Interview

FlatsWorthy had a brief chat with Major Ellis Powell on Curlew Day.

FW: I’m here with Major Ellis Powell. Can you tell us what is you position with the Texas Parks and Wildlife?

EP: There are 8 Field Majors over 8 Regions in Texas. I supervise 5 Districts in the middle and lower coast. That encompasses Port Lavaca all the way down to Brownsville and Hidalgo County. Each district has a Captain and there are around 60 Game Wardens.

FW: How long have you been with the Game Wardens?

EP: I lose track of time sometimes, but I checked the other day and I’m around 17 years and some change. Almost 18 years.

FW: How did you become aware of FlatsWorthy?

EP:  I met Mr. Naiser at an event at Gruene Outfitters, they were having a social day. I started asking questions about him behind his back, he didn’t know that. I wanted to know what is that FlatsWorthy thing? It grew from there. I realized the cause he is championing and the FlatsWorthy group has championed is the same cause as the Game Wardens deal with. I thought it would be a great organization to get to know. We reached out to each other and that’s how it started.

FW: So it has culminated in today, handing off this Curlew to you. How important is the Curlew to your mission?

EP: The Curlew is going to be an amazing platform for our Game Wardens and to the community we serve. We pride ourselves on community-based policing, we have for over 100 years. That’s kind of a buzzword these days, but we’ve been doing this forever. What that means is: don’t be reactive, be proactive and get out amongst the people you patrol and you serve. We get out in the woods and in the water. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get to the places where these constituents and people are; but now we can. It’s not about sneaking up on someone and writing a ticket, it’s about being out there and being visible. Serving the people who pay for us.

FW:  Any final words?

EP:  I’m just really proud of our Game Wardens. Let me expound on that a little bit. There is nothing I or Chuck did that was significant. What is significant was the donors who stepped up to do this. Those donors didn’t do it for Chuck or do it for me. They did it because of their relationship with their local Game Wardens, wherever they are. That’s a testament to how our guys do their business. It’s a testament to the people who believe them and in what they do. That’s where they pride comes from. In those relationships.

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