Meet Nicholas Ragusin, FlatsWorthy Youth Ambassador

Meet Nicholas Ragusin, FlatsWorthy Youth Ambassador

What grade are you in and where do you go to school? 

I am a 6th grade student at Seadrift Jr. High School.

What do you like most about fishing? 

I like the enjoyment of going out and seeing the water.

How did you get into fishing? 

My Grandpa and my Dad took me fishing.

What is your favorite place to fish? 

I like to wade fish at Boggy Bayou in Port O’Connor.

What conservation issue is important to you? 

I do not like seeing people take too many fish because a lot of people fish and if everyone did it there will not be any fish left.  I am also concerned about pollution getting worse and harming the bays.

How did you become associated with Flatsworthy? 

I learned about FlatsWorthy at my Calhoun County 4-H Sportfishing meeting and I became a student member.

What do you think is the most important thing that Flatsworthy can do for young anglers? 

I think FlatsWorthy should try to provide more opportunities for kids to fish.  I also think they should keep working on protecting fish habitat and practicing conservation.

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