New Water Boatworks – Corporate Sponsor

New Water Boatworks – Corporate Sponsor

The message of FlatsWorthy resonates with a lot of people. New Water Boatworks wanted to show their support for our Code of Angler Respect, our COAR, and became a Corporate Sponsor.

  • Respect Your Fellow Anglers
  • Respect the Resource
  • Respect the Law

These seemingly basic principles guide what we do here at FlatsWorthy. You can show your support by becoming a Corporate Sponsor or Individual Sponsor. It takes everyone out on the water committed to making a difference and advancing the idea of basic boat etiquette.

Make sure you stop by and shake hands with Tim and Leslie at New Water Boatworks and thank them for their support next time you are in Elmendorf. Maybe pick out a new boat. See you on the water!


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