Oyster Update: TPW Commission Approves Closure

Oyster Update: TPW Commission Approves Closure

November 3rd was a banner day for conservation as TPW Commission voted unanimously to approve the closure of the Mesquite Bay complex as well as the restoration reefs. We traveled to Austin to give our statements of support on these matters directly to the TPWD commissioners, and walked away victorious. This is a huge win for our bays and FlatsWorthy, and it could not have been possible without your support. We want to thank all of you for your help in achieving this goal over the last year and were looking forward to effecting more positive changes in the future!

We share this victory with Shane Bonnot and John Blaha, two champions from CCA Texas. Our alliance with them will lead to many conservation achievements in the future. Stay tuned as our next challenge will be in the legisalature.

The bus from Rockport to Austin.

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  1. Fred Keeler says:

    FlatsWorthy sets the standard. Outstanding work guys.

  2. Rick Rarick says:

    All-Congratulations on a job well done. I’ve noticed oyster boats near Paul’s Mott in Aransas Bay. Was Aransas Bay not closed to oyster harvesting as well?

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