Oysters in our Bays

Oysters in our Bays

The Rockport area is known for oyster harvesting, and it is coming back after Hurricane Harvey’s damaging effects. Our friends at the Harte Research Institute, Texas A&M are working to spread the word about oysters’ beneficial attributes. And they are backing up their message with action. The Oyster Reef Restoration program aims to ensure our bays are oyster-abundant.

So why are oysters important to anglers? Oyster reefs are the major habitat for sportsfish, help support the shoreline, and keep the water filtered. The fact they taste great is just a bonus.

It is important to ensure you are steering clear of oyster reefs while boating and fishing. Not only are they rough on your vessel, your boat can damage these important reefs. If you’re interested in “fishing” for your own oysters, be sure to check out the regulations.

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