Save our oyster Reefs

FlatsWorthy, CCA Texas, and numerous committed conservation groups took an important first step in addressing critical concerns with the continued decline of public oyster reefs in a letter to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

Read the full letter by clicking here

The letter is the beginning of a broader and crucial dialogue necessary to:

  • Prioritize the STRUCTURAL value of reefs
  • Prioritize the ECOLOGICAL value of reefs
  • Provide opportunities to SAFEGUARD more reef systems
  • Provide opportunities to CREATE more reef systems

Taking action will ultimately lead to a healthier oyster fishery.

Watch our video series on the importance of the Oyster Reefs of Texas below or click here to watch directly on YouTube

The Importance of the Oyster Reefs of the Texas Coast

The “baffle reefs” known as Carlos, Ayers, Second Chain of Islands, Mesquite, and Third Chain of Islands are being threatened. The effort among a coalition of Texas organizations to make a sanctuary reef is on a deadline. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission will be voting on this issue in November. This is the first in a series of videos highlighting the importance of these reefs.

Cedar Reef

While Cedar Reef is the most intact, it still has a few spots which need to be restored. It is working as a baffle reef. It must be saved through a sanctuary program.

Ayers Reef

Ayers Reef is one of the last 2 remaining intact barrier reefs. It is the first to accept the force of water coming out of San Antonio Bay and Espritu Santu since the Second Chain of Islands has been so greatly diminished. It must be saved through a sanctuary program.

Carlos Reef

Carlos Reef is an important part of the habitat along the Texas coast. This was once a continuous structure from San Jose Island to Bloodworth Island. Now it serves as weakened baffle structure. It is important to maintain this reef to preserve it’s integrity, which is integral to the health of our fishery and the ecosystem as a whole.

Third Chain of Islands

At one time there were three islands in the Mesquite Bay Complex. Third Chain of Islands were a mainstay in attenuating the wave action coming out of Mesquite Bay. It has become degraded and must be protected.

Second Chain of Islands

Second Chain of Islands is a little more difficult to track because it is so fragmented from the passage of time, years of harvest, and the forces of nature.

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