Individual and Corporate Donors

We would like to thank each and everyone of our Donors who contribute to the mission of FlatsWorthy. We could not educate and engage the community without their support. Join our list of Donors by contributing today.

Dean and Maureen Appling
Jim Atkins
James and Elizabeth Bradbury
Paul Brandt
David M. Brown
Gary Burns
Todd Buster/ Horizon Development and Construction
Ross Craft/ The Craft Family
D.J. Craine
John and Cheryl Eschenfelder
Philip and Beth Evans
Frances Fulton
George and Elizabeth Godwin
Dudley C. Haas, Sr.
Bob Haworth
James and Margaret Herring
Kelly Herzog
Steve and Beth Hirshenhorn
Doug Hodges
Al Hogan
Ken Jones
Jay and Christina Kleberg
Tom McCullough
Stephen Mouton
David and Bridget Murrell
Clay Naiser
Chuck Naiser
Rockne Onstad
Osteostrong Team
Mike Wilson and Pablo Franco/ Wilson & Franco LLC
Patagonia Grants
Pitcairn Trust Company
Matt Posey
James and Meredith Powers
D.J. Rather
John Robertson/ Camp Longhorn, Ltd.
Paul Robishaw
Ruth Parr Sparks Foundation
Steven and Ruth Ryvae
Shell Oil Foundation
Andy Smith
Dudley Snyder/ Dunbar Building
Mitchel Spector
The Strategas Foundation
Culver Stedman
Mr. and Mrs. Hermain Teinert
The Craft Family
Troy and Sarah Utz
Russell Werme
Robert Westerburg
Daniel and Barbara Wheat
Jennifer Wilks
Tiffany Yeates/Fluitt Outfitters LLC

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