Chuck speaks to Texas Fly Fishers

Recently, FlatsWorthy President Chuck Naiser had the opportunity to speak with a great bunch of outdoor enthusiasts at a meeting of the Texas Fly Fishers. They are a Houston based organization associated with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and dedicated to the promotion of fly fishing education, conservation, and outdoors ethics. These videos were taken at the meeting. We appreciate Chris Sommers for inviting FlatsWorthy to speak. There are three videos.

Coastal Community Award Received

FlatsWorthy is proud to announce Chuck Naiser and the FlatsWorthy Community has received the Coastal Community Award from the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation. This award recognizes a person or organization who is dedicated to improving the community where we live. FlatsWorthy member and partner David Sikes has received the President’s Award. His 20+ years of promoting public awareness of conservation issues as a writer and photographer in the Coastal Bend were recognized by the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation. The Coastal Bend Bays Foundation is a public interest organization dedicated to the conservation of freshwater and coastal natural resources for current and future generations through consensus, facilitation, communication, advocacy, research and education. our membership is comprised of representatives of environmental groups, fishing organizations, port industries, government agencies, university scientists and concerned citizens. This broad-based membership helps the Foundation bring diverse interests together to achieve our community’s environmental and economic objectives. The 17th Annual Conservation & Environmental Stewardship Awards Banquet will be held November 12, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. It will take place at the Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz International Center, 402 Harbor Dr, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Bad Behavior

The Houston Chronicle featured FlatsWorthy in Shannon Tompkins’ article “Gulf Coast Group Aims to Keep Bad Boating Behavior at Bay.” Tompkins spent a day on the water with FlatsWorthy President Chuck Naiser and Advisory Board President Troy Utz. …what we’re doing is resonating with people. We know we’re not going to change things overnight. It’s an education process and it’s got to be an ongoing thing. There is no finish line, just continually educating people and making them aware. The Chronicle columnist witnessed firsthand some of the behaviors which led Naiser and local anglers to form FlatsWorthy. This article not only provides a glimpse into a day on the water, but makes it clear why there is a need for FlatsWorthy. Thanks to Shannon Tompkins for a great article. Please share with your fellow anglers and send them the link to Join Now.

The FlatsWorthy Chronicles

The informative article from Capt Chuck Naiser details what led to the creation of FlatsWorthy and where we are headed

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