Whose Line Is It Anyway

You’re probably seen those big PVC tubes hanging around near boat ramps and fishing piers. These tubes are where you should be recycling your monofilament fishing line. You may have even used them. Great! When disposed of improperly monofilament can be hazardous to marine life and boat propellers. Birds and animals cannot see discarded monofilament fishing line, so it is easy for them to become tangled in it and starve, drown or lose a limb. Even when put in the trash monofilament can end up harming wildlife at landfills. When possible it is best to recycle used fishing line. The folks at Sea Grant Texas have recycling bins all over Texas! You can visit their website and find locations of these bins. You can even find out how you can volunteer and get involved. Respecting the Resource is part of our Code of Angler Respect. We encourage you to find ways to limit your impact on the resource we all enjoy. Easy, common sense programs like monofilament recycling is a simple step.

95% Complete

In August of this year, FlatsWorthy President Chuck Naiser met with Texas Game Wardens to discuss how we could assist them in their mission of protecting our flats and shallows. After a lengthy discussion with Texas Parks and Wildlife, FlatsWorthy agreed to furnish them with a NewWater Curlew for enhanced enforcement of existing laws concerning etiquette and damage to the environment. It has been many years since the Game Wardens have been patrolling where all of the jackassery takes place. We worked closely with the Game Wardens on selecting an ideal flats boat (as they have none in their fleet except for airboats).  Based upon durability, accessibility, and habitat-friendly capabilities there is no doubt the Curlew is the boat of choice. This is a huge step towards stopping a lot of the nonsense that plagues us all. We initiated a donation drive among our members in September, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, as of today we are 95% of the way towards our goal. We would like to thank every one of our donors for their commitment to this project. We would appreciate your donation to help us accomplish this huge goal. Please send your donations in the form of a check to FlatsWorthy, PO Box 279, Fulton TX 78358.

Thankful for our Flats

As November rolls into the Texas Coast, we often find ourselves complaining and contemplating about the weather. Is a cold front going to run the fish out of their hiding spots? Will a gale wind keep me off the water? Should I be ready to strip to my shorts by noon? November also gives us a reason to reflect on things to be thankful for. It was only 2 years when Hurricane Harvey disrupted the coast. The flats underwent some dramatic changes. Loss of vegetation in some areas is continuing to affect the viability of long-term habitat recovery. In other instances, we see natural healing of our shorelines. Part of that healing is respecting the resource, respecting each other, and respecting the law. When FlatsWorthy talks about the Code of Angler Respect, we see every day how important our mission is. It’s not just some fancy words, it is a way of life here on the coast. We want to leave our flats and shallows better than we found them for future generations of anglers and outdoorsman to enjoy. We are thankful for our members, too. Members like YOU. Members who not only display your FlatsWorthy sticker with pride, but go out and talk about our mission, share with friends and family about respecting the flats. We couldn’t do what we do without our members. Not a member yet? Today is the day to Join Us. Every member has a voice, and when we speak together, we can make things happen. And our flats thank you, too.

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