The Future of Fishing

Kids today are the anglers of tomorrow, and FlatsWorthy supports programs to educate young anglers. Teaching kids to Respect the Resource is a key part of ensuring the habitat is healthy for generations to come. FlatsWorthy spent time working with the 4-H Club of Aransas County this summer. The enthusiasm of the youth was contagious. FlatsWorthy will continue working with 4-H as they develop their Sports Fishing Project. 3 dates are planned, so look for volunteer opportunities to come. FlatsWorthy also supports the efforts on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Celebration. We had a great time last year, and we will be there again this year on October 19th. ANWR also participates in the Every Kid in a Park program, which gives free access to 4th graders. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has many resources available for young anglers.  In addition, fishing is free to all ages in Texas state parks. What a great way to introduce youth to the outdoors and teach them about angler respect. What are you doing to encourage youth to be FlatsWorthy? We’d love to hear from you!

Bad Behavior

The Houston Chronicle featured FlatsWorthy in Shannon Tompkins’ article “Gulf Coast Group Aims to Keep Bad Boating Behavior at Bay.” Tompkins spent a day on the water with FlatsWorthy President Chuck Naiser and Advisory Board President Troy Utz. …what we’re doing is resonating with people. We know we’re not going to change things overnight. It’s an education process and it’s got to be an ongoing thing. There is no finish line, just continually educating people and making them aware. The Chronicle columnist witnessed firsthand some of the behaviors which led Naiser and local anglers to form FlatsWorthy. This article not only provides a glimpse into a day on the water, but makes it clear why there is a need for FlatsWorthy. Thanks to Shannon Tompkins for a great article. Please share with your fellow anglers and send them the link to Join Now.

The FlatsWorthy Chronicles

The informative article from Capt Chuck Naiser details what led to the creation of FlatsWorthy and where we are headed

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