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In August of this year, FlatsWorthy President Chuck Naiser met with Texas Game Wardens to discuss how we could assist them in their mission of protecting our flats and shallows. After a lengthy discussion with Texas Parks and Wildlife, FlatsWorthy agreed to furnish them with a NewWater Curlew for enhanced enforcement of existing laws concerning etiquette and damage to the environment. It has been many years since the Game Wardens have been patrolling where all of the jackassery takes place. We worked closely with the Game Wardens on selecting an ideal flats boat (as they have none in their fleet except for airboats).  Based upon durability, accessibility, and habitat-friendly capabilities there is no doubt the Curlew is the boat of choice. This is a huge step towards stopping a lot of the nonsense that plagues us all. We initiated a donation drive among our members in September, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, as of today we are 95% of the way towards our goal. We would like to thank every one of our donors for their commitment to this project. We would appreciate your donation to help us accomplish this huge goal. Please send your donations in the form of a check to FlatsWorthy, PO Box 279, Fulton TX 78358.

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