Whose Line Is It Anyway

You’re probably seen those big PVC tubes hanging around near boat ramps and fishing piers. These tubes are where you should be recycling your monofilament fishing line. You may have even used them. Great! When disposed of improperly monofilament can be hazardous to marine life and boat propellers. Birds and animals cannot see discarded monofilament fishing line, so it is easy for them to become tangled in it and starve, drown or lose a limb. Even when put in the trash monofilament can end up harming wildlife at landfills. When possible it is best to recycle used fishing line. The folks at Sea Grant Texas have recycling bins all over Texas! You can visit their website and find locations of these bins. You can even find out how you can volunteer and get involved. Respecting the Resource is part of our Code of Angler Respect. We encourage you to find ways to limit your impact on the resource we all enjoy. Easy, common sense programs like monofilament recycling is a simple step.

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