Madden Guevara – FlatsWorthy Youth Ambassador

FlatsWorthy is excited to announce our Youth Ambassador Program. This encourages our youth to take part in different activities and provide input for the youth programs. FlatsWorthy is proud to support a number of youth activities through the Aransas and Calhoun Counties AgriLife Extension Offices 4-H Programs. Student membership is free and we encourage all students to get involved! What grade are you in and where do you go to school?  I am 9 years old and I am in 4th grade at Port O’Connor Elementary.  What do you like most about fishing? What are your favorite species of fish to catch?  Seeing all the different colors on the fish as I am reeling them in.  My favorite fish are Redfish and Mangrove Snapper. How did you get into fishing?  I started fishing with my stepdad when I was 3 or 4 years old. What is your favorite place to fish?  I like to boat fish offshore and I like to wade fish around Grass Island in Espritu Santo Bay. What conservation issue is important to you?  I think people shouldn’t keep more fish than they need and I don’t like seeing people keeping illegal fish. How did you become associated with FlatsWorthy?  I found out about FlatsWorthy through my 4H Sportfishing Club. What do you think is the most important thing that FlatsWorthy can do for young anglers?  Do activities to bring more kids into fishing. *Bonus recipe  Madden’s favorite way to cook the Mangrove Snapper that he catches off the dock at the Fishing Center in Port O’Connor is to put lemon pepper and butter on the fillets and cook them in an air fryer.

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